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    Problems and Bugs

    When I had strange issues, the only thing that helped was, to do a complete wipe. Do do not update the system, but wipe everything, and install miui EU clean.
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    Same for me. Tried reboot, like 6 time, it did not help. I have reflashed the ROM ( just install it again from twrp), and button works again. I did not clear dalvik on second install
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    Mi6 home button and fingerprint was not working after update. Just reboot the phone. After that it works again fine
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    How did you flash, dirty? And from which version?
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    Ive got the same on MI6
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    Dont You have any issues with the Themes application, or Music application?
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    With this update I have multiple issues on my MI6: Themes and Music app is not working, only error is shown. The app icons for Music, Security and Themes do show not the application name, instead it shows: false (for Themes), key_app_permissions (for Security) and Notification (for music app)...