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  1. AdRem

    Microphone not working when making calls (people cannot hear me)

    I have just updated my phone redmi Note 7 (lavender) with the new weekly Android Pie 10 and since then I cannot make phone calls. I can actually make phone calls but the party on the other side does not hear me and I have also tried making Viber out calls VOIP and they also cannot hear me. but...
  2. AdRem

    EU ROM on Redmi note 7 China version? - also: TWRP OR MIFLASH TOOL..

    Hi there I have a couple of questions; (Kindof new to Redmi flashing) First, I accidentally bought a Redmi Note 7 Chinese version.. can I install your European ROM on that? I think the answer is yes but I'm not sure.. (Its the 48mp 3/64gb vers. Brandnew) Second; RE. installing TWRP, do I...