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  1. neogeo

    proxy sensor type on mi 8

    Hello. Could someone tell me what is the proxy sensor type built in Mi 8? TNX
  2. neogeo

    Prevent Pocket Dials

    Hi. Is there any, any way to turn back mentioned option in to XEU stable or weekly ROM ??? or have to suggest me some Magisk option like that? Think about that. TNX
  3. neogeo

    Mi 4c Bootloader Unlocking Safest Method!

    ALL YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WAIVE ANY OF THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DEFECTS CAUSED TO YOUR PHONE Hi. I have buy brand new Mi 4c with some MIUI 7.1.x.x ROM with gapps working flawlessly. Yesterday i updated it with officiall miui8 ROM but on my horror no gapps and...
  4. neogeo

    Need Help About Super User!

    On my Mi 4 LTE-CU i have latest Developer ROM 6.7.21 with OTA working and official MIUI Recovery on hone. Question: - If i flash, just, SuperSu to get Super User, will i kepp OTA or i loose OTA on my phone?
  5. neogeo

    Mi 4&windows 10 Mobile Need Help!

    I have try to flash my Mi 4 LTE-CU 2/16 with windows10mobile but always get an error "reached the end of the file.(0x80070026: Receiving Hello Packet)" All is good and phone good recognised on COMport10, adress properly entered to pickup a file... All as described in 1st post of a tutoriall from...
  6. neogeo

    Xiaomi Mi 4 Lte-cu 2gb/16gb Demistification And Help Flashing!

    My Experience: Over *********** i have bought mentioned phone model and my first bad experience and dissapoint was no flashing possibility to a newer version of a MIUI. Mentioned model have a protoboard with bad 3GB RAM so thay have cut 1GB of it and selling us as a chipper 2GB model equiped...