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  1. MIUInewbie

    [kenzo 6.11.24] Msm_otg Battery Drain

    Betterbatterystats says that msm_otg is keeping my phone awake 90% of the time (i am now 24h off charger, 3h of sot and 21% battery :( ). The only thing I could find on google were some samsung issues people had when charging their phones via USB to PC. I have charged my phone the "normal" way...
  2. MIUInewbie

    New [rn3pro] [kenzo] Google Backup Not Working

    I installed the 6.9.9 rom over the last miui 7 rom for Kenzo (clean install). I have enabled google backup in backup and reset settings but I can't set up an account for backup. I have allowed backup in my google account too. Anyone has a solution or a similar problem?
  3. MIUInewbie

    Video Stream On Tv

    I tried streaming youtube videos from RN3pro to LG TV and it works fine. However, when I try streaming a dowloaded movie, it doesn't work. Stock video app says "streaming to TV" but nothing happens with the TV
  4. MIUInewbie

    [rn3 Pro] Constant Awake & Screen On

    This is something that happens on whichever ROM I've tried. For a couple of days everything is great and then suddenly the phone shows constant awake and screen on, even of the phone is locked. You can see it on the attached screenshots, the blue line when the phone was awake with the screen on...