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  1. xadiz10

    [RN8 International] [NOT Xiaomi.EU related] No LTE B28 band

    Phone Bands depend on Hardware not Software
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    A few noob questions

    In this place we only talk about ROM EU
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    A few noob questions

    The EU ROM is not the one that is factory installed on Xiaomi phones. It is possible that they install that ROM before sending you the phone.
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    Couldn't add fingerprint

    Why don't you try reinstalling the official ROM?
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    Touchscreen no longer responds> Uninstall TWRP (without Touchscreen)

    Reinstall Rom using MiFlash. The same thing happened to me trying to install TWRP on a MI 9T PRO
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    A few noob questions

    Hello 1.- Manually by OTA 2.- If you cancel the guarantee. Although that depends if you buy it directly from China or from your local operator. The warranty coverage conditions are different. 3.- Yes 4.- ?
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    Aún no hay fecha de lanzamiento.
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    Remove round corners

    En las opciones de desarrollador encontrará la solución a su pregunta.
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    Thank you. Installed and running in Redmi 6 pro
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    update error xiaomi redmi 6 pro

    Descárgalo directo desde la página web
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    New Actu in Redmi 6 pro and "The system has been destroyed"

    I have updated version 9.3.14 without problems
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    thanks for solving the error of the camera and Messenger in the Redmi 6 pro
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    New camera cam recorder button doesn't work redmi 6 pro

    how can I do it? I'm sorry, I'm a novice
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    the problem persists since the previous update :(
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    I can not record video on the Redmi 6 Pro. I have tried to record videos with several applications however the result is negative. Will there be any solution?
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    OTA UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

    Que raro! OTA trabaja perfecto en mi R6P
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    Gracias Por la actualización... Se arregló la pantalla en modo lectura y el error de red en el clima. El Redmi 6 pro está trabajando correctamente :) +10
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