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  1. devashish

    is your device using "deep sleep"?

    No, my device doesn't.....
  2. devashish

    Why do you like MIUI?

    It is the future of OS. We can change it according to our need and taste. The processing is very fast. The user interface is very good.
  3. devashish

    MIUI browser apk.

    Great Job. Thanks for the link.
  4. devashish

    Galaxy S3 new features to GS2 - any chance?

    I don't think so it will be hard.
  5. devashish

    Anyone want to test my app?

    Great updates. this thread is really awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  6. devashish

    Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?

    No, i have not heard about it. I think it's just a rumor...