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    Voicing my support for Mark.

    Mark got all the kids in the divorce suit :P I am behind Mark 100%. You should take a break man, you definitely deserved it after the past few weeks :)
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    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    MIUI: It's My UI!
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    1.3.25 - Compatibility Mode & Contacts Editing

    Compatibility Mode turns off some theming modifications that MIUI applies to apps. This can fix issues such as white text on white background, or scrolling lists turning black when touched.
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    Notification Bar Suggestion

    My only real gripe is that since I hold my phone with my right hand, it's far easier to open up the notification panel with my right thumb. However, that means that I'm always opening up the toggles, when I usually mean to open up the notifications. I wish they could be switched around. Also...
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    Translucent notifications bar for alternate launchers (ADW, Launcher Pro)

    There are live wallpapers where you can edit the background image. When an alternative launcher loads up a live wallpaper, it maps it behind the status bar, so it's transparent.
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    Option to move Apps to SD is grayed out

    I was using Move2SD to force my N1 to have SD apps. It works in 1.3.25, but I've noticed that a lot of apps don't appear when I reboot sometimes. Your mileage may vary. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    I Don't Want Time On Lock Screen

    You could buy WidgetLocker. It's customizable, so you can just get rid of the clock altogether.
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    Request: an easier way to browse trough lange libarys of music albums(etc.)

    MIUI music app does have alphabetical 'fast' scrolling. I do wish there was a way to hide albums from showing up, similar to how the MIUI gallery app hides certain folders. It makes creating playlists much easier.
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    D1-MIUI 1.14.11 bug

    Seems like a language translation bug. Unlike your screenshot, my power menu appears correctly. Maybe you could try to reflash the language pack?
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    [App Review] MIUI supported browser UC Browser

    I love Miren! The features that pushes it over the edge are the tabbed browsing and the fullscreen mode. They are implemented beautifully with the UI. The main things that bugs me about the browser are the buttons on the bottom. I'm talking about the back/forward and fullscreen buttons...
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    Locksreen "lag"

    I get this even when pushing my CPU at 1152 mHz. I've heard that in 1.14, the MIUI team has improved the code to make it more efficient.
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    Is anyone else going to skip Gingerbread because of how good MIUI looks?

    I'll probably nandroid my MIUI install to check it out, then switch back when I get bored.