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    [Q] how to disable MIUI lockscreen!?

    There is a app call No Lock. Been using it for a long time. I never use my lock screen.
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    Launcher MOD

    I guess then I would be the second person without a twitter account, never had one and never will. Don't even have a facebook either lol. thanks for your work!
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    phone stuck in to stop the loop and what next?

    On a inspire we would pull the battery>start in HBoot (press volume button down while pressing power button)>reload backup file.
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    Launcher MOD

    Thank you for your work and design.
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    Launcher MOD

    Are you referring to the hotseat as the dock? How would you go back to the original 4x4 if you decided? Just flash in recovery?, any need to wipe cache etc...? Thanks, very much interested in this mod but just flashed the newer version of Miui.
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    [REQ] Changeable grid size?

    Agree with everyone, nicer if it could be added as an option to Miui launcher.
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    How to center a 1x1 widget or icon?

    I was able to center a 1x1 widget on previous version. Not sure how, but I was able.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Thanks for the update, works great with the latest addition of Miui!
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    [Bug-List] Post the bugs you found that need to be fixed before the "stable" version.

    Yep said I did not have data connection while loading a map. It only happen twice. Can not center a 1x1widget or icon Browser (stock and after market, Dolphin) seems a lot slower when loading and just all around function.
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    How to center a 1x1 widget or icon?

    So annoying... thanks for firming!
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    How to center a 1x1 widget or icon?

    Anyone noticed that you are unable to center a 1x1 widget or icon. Trying to set up my home screen the way I like it and unable to center a 1x1 widget or icon. The previous version would allow this but not the latest. Does anyone know how to make this happen. Certain widgets I would like...
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    Beautil Widgets Smaller Home on Milestone 1

    I noticed a few widget from BW are not working right with the new version. Now I know its just not me. I hope there is a solution in the near future.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Been using this mod for the last couple of Miui rom versions without any problems. Updated to the latest Miui rom (1.8.5) and after flashing this mod, it will not reboot. The mods causes it to get hung up in the loop. Then I have to go into hboot and re-flash the rom or install and nadroid...
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    How to install your saved "Backup Theme"?

    Ok I saved a couple of times and was wondering why I had a couple of themes named Default. Make sense,,,,thanks. Will try it...
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    How to install your saved "Backup Theme"?

    Yea guys, I am talking about loading a saved theme that you already saved using Backup Theme. In another thread someone mentioned that you select menu and hit import and locate it on SD card (Miui>theme>backup) and select the theme you saved. Thanks for the replies
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    Exchange 2010 Support

    No problem here (so for) with exchange. I am running the latest Miui rom.
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    How to install your saved "Backup Theme"?

    Anyone has any idea?
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    How to install your saved "Backup Theme"?

    After you finally get your theme just the way you like it, you select "Backup Theme" in theme manger, how do you go about installing it. Lets say you change a few things and you want to convert back to your save backup theme, I don't see the option...
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    Launcher re-ordering bug

    A few of us mentioned this in an earlier post. Same thing happening to me. Last night I flashed a new kernel and it has not happen since. Will monitor throughout today. Hope they correct this on next version.
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    Is there a way or such a mod to activate the notification bar by pressing "home"?

    I really enjoyed this feature in Launcher Pro and I am converting over to the Miui launcher and I have become use to tapping the home button to activate the notification screen. Can this be done? I know when you long press it the app manager comes appears, but I am speaking of tapping it once...