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  1. Dingsdada

    Will we get a stable ROM fom "MIUI 9 Global Stable V9.6.5.0.NAMMIFD"?

    MIUI 9 V9.6.5.0.NAMMIFD for Redmi 4X has been released for public. I hope we get a Version
  2. Dingsdada

    Security Patch Level

    @Developer: the Security Patch Level on my Redmi 3s with 8.4.19 weekly is over a year old (2017-04-01) it is possible for you to update?
  3. Dingsdada

    Step Counter Reset

    How can i reset step counter manually to zero? there is no reset over night. for example: today i had about 8000 steps - at 12 o clock at night it switcht to 2400 steps ???
  4. Dingsdada

    Nova Launcher Search Bar

    When i start search with NovaLauncher Widget, the xiaomi search starts. How can i start Google Search?
  5. Dingsdada

    Clean Install - Redmi 3s 3/32

    Hi, today i unlocked my Redmi 3s 3/32 with global DEV 7.1.5 TWRP installation without problems. What i have to wipe in TWRP, when i want a clean install of - Dalvik/Art - System - Data - Internal Storage - Cache - MicroSD - USB OTG EDIT: Have i to install supersu/root bevor clean...