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  1. Vova Gershon

    The new "secret" apk keeps FC

    Hi, im using 4.8.1 on my mi2s 32gb. Does anybody else got this problem?I tried to reinstall but it didn't help, it keeps show me a white page and come back to my desktop/main screen. How can I make this "secret" program run?
  2. Vova Gershon

    How to hide caller ID

    How can I hide my caller id in xiaomi mi2s?
  3. Vova Gershon

    How to uninstall completely system1/2?

    Hi, I accidentally installed a rom to another system, how can i remove it completely?
  4. Vova Gershon

    Audio Output

    Hi, Can someone explain to me why the music is much louder on iphone than mi2s? Because of the audio drivers? (Using Headphones ath m50)
  5. Vova Gershon

    Few nice tips

    1. If you slide your finger down on the music/notes icon, it will open you a quick access to the program. 2. If you choose the music mode in sound settings and choose the highest eq, your speaker will be much stronger. 3. In stock lock screen, if you tap twice on the circle in the middle, it...