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    Quick Q

    i had a Redmi Note 2 Prime and just got a Redmi Note 4 Pro.. pretty much the procedure for putting the weekly on my Note 4 its the same as i did with the Note 2 except the part that i need the unlock bootloader permission first before doing everything else.. can anyone tell me if im on the right...

    Game Booster

    I use nova. launcher and I got nothing on my home screen and use the home button to bring the app drawer up, is there any way of putting the game booster as a shortcut on the app drawer instead of going for the home screen? ty in advance Enviado do meu Redmi Note 2 através de Tapatalk


    Anyone uses Magisk with RN2 and can i installed it without full wipe my current setup? Ty PS: a quick guide for this would be so nice if anyone can.. Ty Enviado do meu Redmi Note 2 através de Tapatalk

    Facebook Auto Starting

    hi there, in the lastest versions of the weekly (miui8) my facebook app is autostarting even being put out of the autostart at security>permissions>autostart anyone have any ideas how to fix it? (RN2)


    Anyone know what icon is that next to the batery level Enviado de meu Redmi Note 2 usando Tapatalk

    [miui7] Lock Status On A App

    when u pull the recent / open apps list if u swipe down on one it gets a locker on the upper right corner, what does that really means? is that just to prevent it from closing if we press the X to clear all? ty in advance