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    FC music player. 2.1.13

    the music player crashes frequently. and it causes my phone to reboot automatically. incredible s
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    front camera problem

    when taking pictures using the front camera. screen disorder will occur. i dont know how to explain it. HTC Incredible S
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    1.12.30 LED notification

    when charging reaching 90% the led light changes to green. it is not even fully charged. :( HTC incredible s
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    is it always that long on the first boot? i mean like its about an hour already...
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    can any one tell me where is the download link?
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    still cannot unlock screen properly

    im using HTC HD2, when i lock the screen and turn it back on. i cannot unlock it, i think the screen freezes. but after i lock the screen back and turn it on back, the unlock it. and now i cant unlock the screen -.-
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    battery drains

    i dont have many applications. only 2, but the battery drains so much. HTC HD2
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    screen freezes frequently

    i am using HTC HD2, the screen freezes frequently. especial during unlocking the screen. any help?
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    touch screen is not working

    i sent my phone just now to the shop, and the technition said that there is problem with the system. but he charged so expensive. so anyone can help me out here?
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    cannot make calls on HTC HD2 1.6.10

    when make calls, phone rebooted.
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    bugs on HTC HD2 MIUI 1.6.10

    1. the power off and reboot doesn't work. 2. sometimes lagg. 3. sometimes theres no effect on touching, like nothing happen. especially during unlocking the screen. 4. the phone restarts when calling