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    New Samsung galaxy S2 : no sms sound

    Hade not been able to get soundnotification with ics and sgs2. Installed after wipe, 2.6.15, then 2.6.16, and not latest 2.6.29. Clean install but still no sound. Only get statusbar and popup and vibration. Whatsapp gets the soundnotification and works fine. Any suggestions?
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    New SGS2 2.6.8 Phone stops, cant make calls

    Installed fresh 2.6.8 after wipe, installed latest Siyah 3.3.1. Installed all my apps back again from titanium backup. Now everytime i want to make a call, I click phone app and dial a number and then when i press the phone to make the call the app freezes and for a few seconds and goes back...
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    In Progress Unable to get notificationsound

    SGS2 with clean install of 2.6.1. Is it a theme-problem that makes me unable to get soundnotifications on "whatsapp" and SMS? Only pop-up notification works