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    Best miui 10 version for Mi5

    Hello. On my Mi5 I still have the (old) xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V9.5.2.0.NAACNFA_v9-7.0 I read about the release of the on September 2018, but the comments were: less battery time, more heat on the phone, and sometimes it stops responding... What...
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    Ok. I was asking because it is the first time i got the notification! Therefore "I just got suspicious" :) And i remember a friend of mine that installed an update installing the ZIP, inside Android, not on TWRP and the phone just Bricked! But my guess is that he downloaded the TWRP update and...
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    Hello. I have a Mi5 Pro with version v9.1.3.0.NAACNEI (stable) and i just received OTA notification to updato to v9.1.4.0.NAACNEI. It is the first time i received OTA notification for an update in this phone. I usually download ZIP file and flash it with TWRP. Is it OK to update with OTA ?