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    New [MIX2S] Loosing Signal, Call dropping

    Hello there, i'm not sure if anybody posted the issue in the Bugs section allready... i've mentioned it from time to time in the release threads of the roms... but still since many months now there is some issue gooing on with mix2S... as it is loosing the signal when switching between cell...
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    Call dropping or caller does not hear me anymore

    Hey there, since a few weeks i've huge issues with my mix2s... when driving home from work i call a lot with the same person for 30min and since a few weeks having a call is nearly inpossible… the caller doesn't hear me anymore after a few minutes, then the call drops… in the beginning...
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    Device Encryption

    Hello, can someone tell me how device encryption is working? i see the "normal" device encryption requires "pre-boot" authentication, enter pattern/pin before phone even boots… this is very annoying as when phone unintentionally reboots it waits for input… i read that there is some feature...