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    Hi all. I saw few weeks ago xiaomi's schedule for miui11 and minote 3 was in it. Now I saw yesterday's schedule with official dates, minote 3 is not in. Does anybody know of minote 3 is getting miui11?
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    Pie stable

    Hi, since pie beta is out. Does anyone has any estimation for stable pie release?
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    10.3.1 issue

    Hi. I just upgraded from the updatrr from 10.2.3 to 10.3.1 and for some reason my phone got formated and lost all my stuff Even the data. Anyone faced same issue?
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    miui pie?

    Hi all, Just wondering.. will our device see miui pie? (I am reffering to china stable rom). Will that be sometime soon?
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    Xposed on miui10

    Hi tried installing xposed on miui10 stable after upgrade and I get bootloop. Also tried selecting disable resource hooks which worked on miui9 but still nothing. Anyone any idea?
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    National Data Roaming

    Is there an option for national data roaming? Besides the international data roaming which I do NOT want to use. In my case which I leave near border is useless.
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    Bt Visibility

    Is there any way to hide bluetooth visibility like any other android phone?
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    Sim2 Question

    H all, I am new to the device. Got it in my hands just a few days ago and followed the procedure and flashed 9.2 stable (never used global official). I have a question regarding sim2. It is currently connected on 3g network shouldn't there be an option "preferred network type" to...