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  1. J

    New MIUI 12 Floating windows not working

    Floating windows and new recent panel layout and animations wont show when using any launcher other than stock launcher on first MIUI 12 release. Not sure if this is a bug from china or from port. Thanks
  2. J

    New Statusbar turns black before rest of screen when locking phone

    Tested on K20, latest 9.9.26
  3. J

    Bricked xiaomi MI 6X

    Hello, I bricked my xiaomi MI 6X when testing miui 10.3 (I came from Mi A2) with ARB 4 Long story short, I need the developer rom with .img files for any MIUI rom for android 9 (10.3) to flash images from fastboot. cant find it, only for oreo (MIUI 10.2) Thankyou!