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    I think the main issue for me with GB has been that it doesn't play well with LauncherPro. This probably the fault of LauncherPro and not GB. I believe cm7 comes with ADW stock and I don't think that has lag issues.
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    Wasn't putting cm7 down. Merely assuming cm7 was the best GB out there so far and in my experience it was quite laggy. I'll give the version the other fellow recommended and see if it doesn't change my mind. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
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    low system cache ...

    Couple things you need to know: If you have a Class 2 SDCard (if it is the one you got with the phone, it probably is), you should NOT run your Apps or your Dalvik on an ext3 off the SDCard. The card is too slow and will throw errors like you are experiencing. 1. If you have an ext3 set...
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    The only problem with having Dalvik on your /cache partition (internal memory) is that it can interfere with Market Updates if the Dalvik size grows too large. Every time your Market updates, it writes a "Download.apk" file to your /cache. If you prefer to keep your Dalvik on your /cache...
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    Download failure

    Instead of just clicking a link and expecting it to download, long press the link and select "Show In Browser". It will then start the download. ** P.S., I have noticed that it doesn't like to download *.img files (like recoveries) as it doesn't seem to recognize the file type as compatible...
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    From what I have seen of GB so far, it is extremely over-rated. Based upon my experience with the cm7 roms, it is slower that Froyo 2.2.1. In other words, you aren't missing anything.