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    Battery percentage not too accurate!!!

    If I remember correctly when your battery is charging and reaches 100% it stops. It doesn't start charging again until it goes all the way down to 90% BUT it still shows 100 so people won't freak out about their batteries being damaged, not charging and what not. So if you picked up your phone...
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    Contacts Details...

    It may be "one persons quirk rather than a commonly asked for feature" but he's got a point, even if you don't put all your coworkers as the same contact. For example, I have contacts with 2, 3 or 4 mobile phones so I use custom tags for each (usually the carrier but not exclusively) to figure...
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    Invisible text for Browser window titles
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    Various aesthetic bugs for HTC INC

    #1 - settings > programs > manage applications > all > browser > compatibility mode on.
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    Miui forum app display problem

    Go to settings > Programs > Manage applications > All (tab) > miui-dev and make sure compatibility mode is ON.
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    No idea, works fine here. A couple of things you could try though: update to 1.5.20 and/or try a different font. Good luck!
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    SMS issue

    The "Received" text next to the sent message is the delivery report. That's why it also "beeps" when you send a message.
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    Gallery not loading thumbnails (sort of)

    Since I flashed the last build my gallery fails to load the thumbnails every once in a while. It seems completely random, sometimes it works okay and next time I launch it it loads 2 or 3 thumbnails and stops. I tried wiping the caches again, wiping data for the gallery and what not. Anyone else...
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    Facebook Sync is it possible? (Answer Yes)

    I think it depends of the phone. On my Nexus One as soon as I enable contact sync in the facebook app all the photos and fb info get synced with my contacts. For the ones that don't match exactly (contact name and fb name) you have to select "edit contact" > "join" and just find the fb entry for...
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    acore force close HELP!

    I believe something like 11.05.06 and 11.05.20 instead of the current numbers in use would be much better to avoid confusion but who am I to decide ;) About the menus - download and flash the language pack for your device. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache first.
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    acore force close HELP!

    1.5.20 (may 20 2011) is newer than 1.5.6 (may 6 2011) so you actually upgraded ;)
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    1.5.13 Trackball wake does not unlock screen. AdFree app doesn't work.

    There's a difference between tb wake and tb unlock. It works and it does what it says - wake the phone.
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    Removing icons from desktop

    Create a new folder, name it "Crap" or something like that and throw everything you don't use in there. Either that or use another launcher.
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    [Mod][Request] Wake on trackpad

    Didn't know that and yes, I have a Nexus One. Ignore my post then :)
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    [Mod][Request] Wake on trackpad

    What is wrong with Settings > System > Button settings > Trackball wake?
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    STILL NO AP2SD ???????????

    I'm sorry, what?
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    Trackpad Wake 1.4.29 Gone??!!!

    Both present and working here, are you sure it's not something on your end?
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    Works like a charm here. First boot after flashing took quite some time, I even thought my system got screwed up and bootlooped but after it loaded everything's just fine :) btw it still says "Last (1.4.22)" in OP right above the first link for .29 :P