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    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    Can i downgrade from 9.6.3 to 9.8.29 ? If so how i can proceed to do it
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    Ghost display

    I have the same problem as you, i supposed is a problem due to the SCREEN Quality (LCD)
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    New Updater bug 9.8.22

    Did they already release the 9.8.29 version ?? I didn't receive any thing
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    Xiaomi redmi note 5 AI (WHYRED) MIUI 11

    At Least we gonna get the MIUI 11, thanks for the answer
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    Xiaomi redmi note 5 AI (WHYRED) MIUI 11

    Hello guys, Does anyone have any idea or a confirmation about the update for Whyred to MIUI 11 ? & also does this phone will get the Android Q update ? Thanks for your interaction!