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  1. Juvept

    Where to buy Original Battery?

    Hey guys! Im looking for a brand new battery for Mi6. Anyone knows where to buy it in Europe? Thanks in advance!
  2. Juvept

    MIUI 12 Camera app improved?

    Hey! Like the title says, did camera app improved or still have the same mediocre quality? :/
  3. Juvept

    With EOL what CUSTOM ROM will you use?

    Hey Mi6 users, How are you? Since we will have EOL, will you stay on MIUI without updates, or will you use a CUSTOM ROM? What CUSTOM ROM are you thinking to use? At this moment, i'm using Lineage OS 17.1 and only thing i have against this ROM it's the CAMERA APP :/
  4. Juvept

    Invalid Mi6 - MIUI 11.2 20.1.9 PT-PT - Deep Clean Icon

    Hey! I dont know if its a bug or a redesign, but, the DEEP CLEAN Icon, now appears white. But if i go to security definitions, its appears correctly.
  5. Juvept

    New MIUI 11.2 20.1.2/4 - Lock Screen Definitions are not saved

    Hey! Everytime i restart my Mi6 with PT language, i need to active lock screen definitions again, because system are not save this. For example, TAP TO WAKE AND SLEEP. How many of you, are having this problem? Best regards.
  6. Juvept

    Resolved Mi6 - 9.12.19 PT-PT - Black Charge Icon

    Chargue icon changed to black.
  7. Juvept

    New [Mi6 9.12.12] System Config and others deleted

    Since last week update, i notice, the update restart defs and clean some files from some apps. How do i update? Via TWRP and wipe cache and dalvik. This never happen on previous versions
  8. Juvept

    New [Mi6][MIUI 11.1 9.12.5/6] Notifications dont appear on lock display

    Hey! I found this bug on new version, even with notifications on and permission to appear on lock display. But LED and vibration works great to inform about notifications.
  9. Juvept

    Invalid [MIUI 11.1] 9.11.7 - Mi6 - No notifications on lock screen

    Hey! Notifications don't appear on lockscreen, after update to new version. Any solution?
  10. Juvept

    New Mi6 | 9.10.10/11 - GPS FAIL

    Hey! I want to report that my GPS on Mi6 sometimes takes to long to fix and sometimes i get some notification "GPS SIGNAL LOST". Anyone with this problem on GMaps?
  11. Juvept

    Invalid [9.7.18/19] Mi6 back button issues

    Heys guys! Since this last update my back button (on the right) sometimes decide to don't work. But if i try to force close, it works. Anyone have this problem? Don't say it's hardware because in the last update everythings works great.
  12. Juvept

    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* for Mi6 without root

    After seeing that *#*#0610#*#* will enable install *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* on MIUI (source:) without root, *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* force close and the error report appears: Error report: Any help?
  13. Juvept

    Mi Pad (Mocha) ROMS

    Hey! I have Mi Pad 1 (Mocha) and i would like to install some new ROM on it. Can someone tell me (and share link) for the best CUSTOM ROM for him pls?
  14. Juvept

    MIUI Lancher app drawer. Devs?

    MIUI Lancher app drawer. Devs you have something to say about this? :)
  15. Juvept

    New [Mi6 - 9.5.30] Calls starts with speaker

    Sometimes when i answer some calls, they starts with speaker on...
  16. Juvept

    Oficial Mi Store will open in Porto, Portugal (June 1st)

    How many Xiaomi EU users will be there? :D Quanto utilizadores da Xiaomi EU vão lá estar? :D
  17. Juvept

    Where i can get Android ASOP icons?

    Hey! I would love to get ANDROID ASOP icons. Can someone tell me where i can get them to use on MIUI, pls?
  18. Juvept

    New Mi6 9.5.23 - Data/Wifi speed and lost signal

    Sometimes i notice my data/wifi lost some speed and signal (Wifi turn on and off auto) How many of you, Mi6 users, notice this?
  19. Juvept

    Invalid Mi6 9.5.23 - Camera Quality

    Since i change from last update before PIE, i notice camera lost quality without HDR (on videos 1080p) and photos with and without HDR. How many of you, Mi6 users, notice this?
  20. Juvept

    New Mi6 9.5.23 - Battery Drain

    I'm noticing the battery is draining to fast. From 100% to 90%, 5 minutes, doing nothing and without apps on background. How many of you, Mi6 users, notice this?