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  1. andril

    New [No Images in default Browser] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    Cleared Cache, Cleared Data, Full Wipe to Factory problem since ROM was released Chrome works great!
  2. andril

    New [FC on Messaging and apps] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    Twitter v4.1.7 Messaging v4.2.2-3.9.6 Google Voice v0.4.2.80 Cleared Cache, Cleared Data, Full Wipe to Factory problem is intermittent
  3. andril

    New [Slow USB Transfer Speed] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    I understand this if not "Official" release firmware but have tried this on multiple ports and 3 different laptops, deleted USB hosts and wiped/Cleared Cache and dalvik/ and re-installed. Worked perfectly last release.
  4. andril

    New BUG: MIUI v5 3.7.12 for OPPPO Find 5

    Contacts not being identified on incoming calls and texts (954-xxx-xxxx instead of name) Unable to send pictures via text (Sending.......) Lag when moving icons and folders on Home Screen Unable to add/change wallpaper from Gallery (Failed to load image crop) I appreciate the hard work from...
  5. andril


    If there was a "ROM of the Year" award I would give it to all hands down - all year long and consistently making my Orange Friday great - see you in 2013!
  6. andril

    New Google Voice FC in MIUI

    It seems that things started to fall apart after 2.10.6 in the Maguro builds, but really appreciate how the team has seemed to resolve almost every issue that came our way. This issue is very critical to me as well as others Force Close right after installing Google Voice. Please help resolve...
  7. andril

    What's Going On?

    Every Friday I wake up and wait on the release, I thank the devs, brag about MIUI and appreciate all the hard work put forth by those that make it possible. I have noticed that the Galaxy Nexus GSM releases have started to fall apart o_O (Google Voice and other Gapps FC). I am here to test and...
  8. andril

    2.8.10 Missing LED Colors after update

    I noticed that Orange (most of all), Green and White in the Galaxy Nexus GSM Maguro build. Can this be added back in the next update or is it a bug? Thanks In Advance.
  9. andril

    [REQ:] Dell Streak 5 port

    I know that I am not teh olny one in this position, I recently switched from Verizon and had to retire my Droid 1. But I am currently using the Dell Streak 5 and noticed how this would be the perfect device to port MIUI to. I am not technically enclined to do so so I bring this request to the...
  10. andril

    Droid X Rom

    Hello All, I know everyone is busy updating and flashing to the latest builds - but does anyone know if the Droid X will ever see a Miui Rom? This Blur makes the device so sluggish and Miui does wonders for my Droid 1 it will rock for the Droid X.