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  1. TreyM

    CDMA Double Signal Bars Fix [Tutorial]

    This tutorial is for MIUI porters to CDMA devices wanting to know how to fix the annoying double signal bar issue. This tutorial assumes you already have apktool installed on your system and you know how to use it already. Special thanks to @0xD34D (twitter) for pointing me in the right...
  2. TreyM

    Resolved Google Maps 2013 Jul 09 crashes

    The error is saying something about not being able to call the Actionbar while CUSTOM_HEADER_VIEW is enabled... odd..
  3. TreyM

    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Flashing last weeks mod is downgrading you. It uses 1.8.12 jar files. So it's not a good idea to use it, even if it does work.
  4. TreyM

    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Thanks mate. I will pm you with ftp info for hosting tomorrow. :)
  5. TreyM

    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Hey andy, I need to know how to remove the bootloader option completely. On Droid, we don't really even need the option.
  6. TreyM

    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    I created a combo zip that works on Droid. Do you guys need it?
  7. TreyM

    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Andy, check PMs. Get on gtalk so we can talk in real time. :) Ready to set you up.
  8. TreyM

    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Andy, check your pms.
  9. TreyM

    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    Hey roenano, on Droid for the past few releases, Reboot Recovery has been rebooting to recovery and then auto-flashing with signature verification on (which it turns on even if it was off) Could you look into this?
  10. TreyM

    Requested Feature continuous bright adjust

    You can. Go to display settings. Enable auto brightness. Edit the levels.
  11. TreyM

    Xiaomi Miliao (mChat) discussion and support

    Chatting. lol
  12. TreyM

    Theme approval

    It's been done. The best thing to do is PM MarkHUK or me.
  13. TreyM

    ATRIX 4G (receieved unlocked bootloader)

    What Atrix version is this for? USA AT&T?
  14. TreyM

    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Andy, PM me please :)
  15. TreyM

    [REQUEST]MiUi for DX

    I am currently working on this as we speak... :) (just need to get my hands on a device to speed things up)
  16. TreyM

    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Stickied... :)
  17. TreyM

    Chinese theme-section?

    Fantastic idea Mark. Here's hoping they allow access to the API.
  18. TreyM

    [Request] Vol+/- acting as FWD/BWD on music player while on sleep

    There are some things that cannot be smali edited. Some things go even deeper than what a decompile can reveal, thus requiring source. Just saying... That said, if you managed to get this mod done, then bravo.
  19. TreyM

    MIUI releases

    How about none of us use the term at all hmmmm? This is a professional site.