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  1. Rafael Consoni Garcia

    where can I find ics versions to download?

    Guys, I have upgrade my nexus s for several times... Despite the updates are really awesome specially the JB version, I have to fence the fact that my lovely google nexus s is not powerful enough to handle with this news versions that are coming. I have done everything to make it runs properly...
  2. Rafael Consoni Garcia

    erase data

    Hi all.. Do u know how can I erase all my data from my google nexus s? The operation system is slow and I thought if delete all data including formatting the operational system.. it might help to get it fast again... the if some share the steps! I will be glad! :)
  3. Rafael Consoni Garcia

    New Google Nexus S with ICS

    Hi all, I would like a help in order to understand why my miui is so slow! I usually do the updates. Now I have the 2.6.8. I downloaded 2.9.29, but it had some bugs. Well, my point is about how I can make it work fast. Like, if I touch to dial button.. it takes 2 - 3 seconds to open the dial...
  4. Rafael Consoni Garcia

    In Progress [ICS 2.5.25] E-mail widget issue

    Hi all, I saw some posts mentioning issues with general widgets. But in my case, I would like to solve a specific one. The gmail and email widget that are not working. For the first one, a message says that there is a problem to load the widget. In case of the second one, the widget appears...
  5. Rafael Consoni Garcia

    Resolved Facebook Sync ISSUE on 2.4.6

    Hi all, I have Google Nexus S and recently I upgraded it from Gb to ICS. Unfortunately, after that the Facebook Synchronization on the system doesnt work. Despite I click asking for that, nothing happens. Can you guys help me on that? I have a lot of contacts that now are mixed in the google...