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  1. Bobanoid

    Invalid Once again about the left screen

    I continue the theme of the left screen (assistant): - On the left screen (assistant) after pressing the button (see picture), the table goes to the main screen. - After pressing the button (see picture) again, a crash message appears Report crash attached
  2. Bobanoid

    Resolved 20.6.4 (and 20.5.28) - shortcuts on the left screen

    MIUI 20.6.4 (20.5.28 too) do not work shortcuts on the assistant screen (left screen). Am I the only one?
  3. Bobanoid

    Invalid [MiMax3 4/64, 9.8.1] Failure in the calendar

    I have a failure in the calendar of the assistant (in 9.7.25 there was the same)
  4. Bobanoid

    New automatic choice of a sim card

    at MIUI 9 at an outgoing call the sim card with which the call became was remembered and by the following call in several seconds the card was chosen automatically. I have installed 8.9.20 and there is no such opportunity. Can somewhere in settings it is hided. I haven't found. (Mi...
  5. Bobanoid

    New 8.9.20 widget of the calendar isn't located

    8.9.20. The widget of the calendar isn't located even on the empty page ("there isn't enough place"). (Mi Max 3)