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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Really cool work! Thank's for this! Is it possible to integrate a scrollable dockbar (like in Go Launcher oder LauncherPro) in this mod? Would be really happy to see this!
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    Widgets which MIUI really needs!

    Yeah! This is a really good alternative: Android Pro Widget! Really cool looking widgets which works with MIUI launcher!!!
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    Widgets which MIUI really needs!

    Same here!
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    Widgets which MIUI really needs!

    I really love MIUI, but what I/MIUI really needs, is cool looking, scrollable, functional widgets! Widgets for contacts, Facebook, Twitter, calendar, messages should directly come with MIUI. In my opinion the Go Widgets are perfect, but they are not working without Go Launcher and I prefer...
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    No changelog?

    No changelog for tomorrow???
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    BLN on MIUI... ?

    What device do you have? i9020?