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    64GB microsdxc cards: working with stock ROMs but not with MIUI

    The Sandisk microsdxc 64Gb card was confirmed as working with the Galaxy S2: Unfortunately, I tested it with MIUI and it didn't work. Specifically, I tested it with MIUI...
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    How do Xiaomi and this website make money, or at least survive?

    I understand Xiaomi sell their own smartphone in China, but why do they develop their ROM for other smartphones, too? Cyanogen is a user-driven community but Xiaomi is a commercial company: why do they even bother developing ROMs for other phones? I am sure they're a bunch of very nice people...
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    is there a way to disable the lockscreen (but leaving a pattern or pin code) ?

    I have MIUI 1.11.11 on a Samsung Galaxy S2, but hopefully this is not a Galaxy-specific question Is there a way to disable the lockscreen but set a pin or pattern lock? In other words, I'd like to unlock the screen only with a pattern or pin, rather than by first sliding open the MIUI...