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  1. Aybabtu

    Mi8 almost unusable - Solved

    Hi, I'd like to share different inconveniences I experienced with the last beta Rom on Mi8. Maybe some other users have the same issues ! 1. Still have an important battery drain in general, i have to charge 2-3 time/day. It's very important when I make a phone call or when I use internet (4G...
  2. Aybabtu

    Important battery drain on Mi8

    Hi everybody, Since Miui 12 and so, I have every update an important battery drain i can't explain. Is this just me or is someone else sharing this issue ? And if someone have a solution to fix this ? Thanx Best regards
  3. Aybabtu

    Mi8 with Mi Air 2 no animation

    Hi Everybody, I get the last Mi Air 2 (good stuff btw) on mi MI8. Good sound and so, but is there not supposed to be special stuff to visualise the connexion and battery of the pods ? I'm on MI8 with Rom Beta 20.1.16. Thanx
  4. Aybabtu

    About /e/ OS

    Hi everybody, Maybe you have heard about this free OS for smartphone that claim to help you get away from google. There is a Pie version of their Rom for Mi8. you can find it here My question is : has anybody try this alternative system ? When you try this...
  5. Aybabtu

    How to uninstall bêta app drawer

    Hi I try the New bêta app drawer on miui. Ok i tested it, now i like to uninstall it ? But how ? Do I have to Wipe something on twpr ? Thank you.
  6. Aybabtu

    [resolved] change nativ message app (sms) with Textra or Mood etc... on Mi8

    Hi everybody, I've tested recently to change miui's mative sms app for another one like Textra or another (Mood). It works very well and give interresting options, but i could't have any sound for this apps to announce an incoming message text ! Although i configure a sound, it doesn't work ...
  7. Aybabtu

    Best backUpp App on Mi8 ?

    HI, i'd like to backupp all my apps on my Mi 8. What best app should i use to do this ? Thank you !
  8. Aybabtu

    [Solved] Encrypted storage on Mi8 with Miui 10 8.7.19

    Hi, I install the Miui Rom on my Mi8. But, as I lunch the phone on TWRP, the storage was encrypted and I didn't found the image file. Somehow, (I try several twrp (dipper, 3.2.2, 3.2.1)), I was able to get to the image and the installation of the miui rom happened. Since, I had several boot...
  9. Aybabtu

    No Acces To Internal Sd Card(mi2)

    Hi everybody, I have a MI2 with the last Miui ROM 6.8.25 in french. My telephone fall on the ground but it seems to work propetly. But, as i wanted to take a picture, it says "please inser a sd card before making photos". I checked the stokage and the insternal Sd card doesn't appear. No acces...