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    Defy call recording

    Call recording on Motorola Defy is still half-dead. I only hear my own voice. Could we hope in a future update to solve this issue?
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    Defy Camera Application

    Is there a way to replace camera application with original Froyo's BlurCamera.apk with all the neccessary libs? I have a Motorola Defy with green lense. Too many issues with the camera, screwed-up portrait video, sometimes stuttery recording. I don't care about video resolutions greater than...
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    Defy 1.8.26 problems

    - Call recording doesn't work properly, I cannot hear the partner's voice, only mine. - Soft keyboard opens up unwantedly every time I long-press MENU button to invoke Task Killer / Manager. - After a day, video recording becomes stuttery. It seems like some task has too high priority over...