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  1. DPtheKid

    MIUI Updater not working?

    Ok so I'm on MIUI 1.8.9 and i'm trying to update to the latest version of miui so I click check for updates and it either says oops no packages were found or no updates found, we will notify you when they are available. What gives why can't I update? I never update to 1.8.26 if that's an issue...
  2. DPtheKid

    Menu to Unlock Nexus S

    can someone make a mod for menu to unlock on the nexus s. it is possible on CM7 so why not MIUI :)
  3. DPtheKid

    menu key to unlock?

    Dies gingerbread MIUI have an option to hit the menu key to unlock as in CM7?
  4. DPtheKid

    camera app?

    Thanks ill just take one from the cm7 Nexus s
  5. DPtheKid

    camera app?

    In the newest build for the nexus s it has a new camera app with no FCC support so I would like to know if it would be possible to install the stock camera app?