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  1. Little_Devil

    Can't charge the battery

    I don't know if it is a bug from this rom or something else, but my battery went empty and now I am unable to recharge it, I am using HD2 on 1.9.9 plz help, what to do ??
  2. Little_Devil

    Mareket Connection timed out

    I am on HD2 and since the rom 1.7.29 I got this error while trying to open the market "Connection timed out" what is wrong ?? ,, ( I am using a VPN to open the market cause I can't access it from where I live )
  3. Little_Devil

    [1.7.29] Theme Mangaer can't import themes

    Hi all when I import a theme in ThemeManager it does nothing and nothing appears in the Themes ,, even I tried to import lockscreens as well but the same problem ,, tried to replace ThemeManager.apk but it disappeared from the launcher and didn't help at all, am I the only one having this...
  4. Little_Devil

    [1.7.22] HTC HD2 - Music LockScreen widget

    when I receive a message the music widget pop up on the lock screen without even touching the screen or the lock ,, it started from the previous version and still happening in this one ,, ( I did a clean install , wiped data , cache , dalvik )
  5. Little_Devil

    [Q] Speaker volume is too low.

    Hi all, I searched a lot about this problem, but couldn't find any info regarding this issue, the speaker volume is too low, I used the build in DSPManager to customize the audio, but still the same. I heard that if I changed the Kernel to another one the problem might be solved,, any ideas...