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    Mi 9 Pro TWRP issue

    Hello Mi 9 Pro users, I am using TWRP 3.3.1 0102 and I cannot make any backup from recovery, is there any new version who could help to have at least full TWRP fonctions on Mi 9 Pro?
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    Sharing Wifi hotspot

    Owner of Mi Note 3, I enjoy WiFi sharing hotspot, most of the other devices if I enable hotspot, it disables the wifi and share the connection through 4g. But with Mi Note 3 it doesn't disables the wifi and so I can share it my wifi connection with other devices. It is very convenient if I can...
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    Mi Pcsuite For Mi Note?

    Actually Mi Pc Suite is note working for Mi Note with the last android version 6.0, what other suite can be the best for full communication between device and Pc? I tried severals but nothing really efficient. J-M.
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    XIAOMI Account.

    I own MIUI cellphones Mi1S and Mi2, then all my contacts are on Xiaomi account. Around 1800 contacts. I recently got Minipad Android CimiX8L, there is no MIUI Rom for that model, then I use MIUIHome.apk, but is there any possibility to get my Xiaomi Account to get back my contacts, or is there...
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    Xiaomi Account

    HI, I try to access to my data from of course I have one account there for backup my data as it say on the account settings from my MI1, but I use Google chrome and I don't find the path to access to my personal data, can someone help me?