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    Big Bugs in LG 2X Rom

    wow, with this method it's working for me :) here are some thing i found out: miui is based on lastest cm rc... our last rc is some month old that's why there are this bugs, which had been fixed on nightlies long time ago but cm stopped to release nightlies/other versions, because they are...
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    USB isssues LG Optimus 2X

    The usb bug is there since first release, but seems like noone cares about it ... Miui is a great rom, but the support is terrible/ there is no support ! Sent from my Optimus 2X using Tapatalk
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    Big Bugs in LG 2X Rom

    hi guys, there are some really big bugs in the rom of our LG 2X. in cm the radio works till 1-2 month, but in miui the app is not included... why ?? the phone freezes when you try to mount usb storage, so you just can use the ftp app in datamanager these bugs are in the rom since some first...