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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Well considering only the es switched gives the GB default icons it could be considered a bug since none of the previous versions gave it. I could be wrong though. would have to wait on input from andy.
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    Sadley does not work, when pressing the power button it just rolls down the quick buttons to reach power and reboot buttons. but no power menu
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    roeano - for SGS devices u need to make a c ustom one, where bootloader turns to download mode not sure on the command its just a info string.
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    No English versions?

    You did not check the download site. Please see here, (for Desire - just rom) Language Pack so i dont understand what your saying.... no english...
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    Danish translation thread

    Thread will be up once I get home sitting on the bus atm.. Jag kan ju också säga välkomna! Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
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    [Q] Using a language pack with the latest Chinese ROM?

    The actually only difference is that we deodex the rims to be abode to do a full translation. As the Chinese rom is odexed which makes the language pack incompatible. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
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    Samsung Galaxy S II ?? Can Some One Port MIUI ??

    there is some work being done to get cm7 working so far there is root, su and bb and cwm3 cm7 cannot be to far away.
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    [Mockup] MIUI Calendar (Help for scrolling needed)

    That is nice man really nice, i would like to point out that there has been alot of requests to add ScrollView support to the launcher, but i am wondering how that would affect the normal usage of the launcher (such as populating the desktop with the apps) I will ask mark to see if he can...
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    Facebook Sync is it possible? (Answer Yes)

    Q: Facebook Sync is it possible? A: Thats not a easy answer, offically no there is no facebook sync avalible by standard from MIUI, there is how ever a small work around, step 1 first download facebook app (offical) and choose the option you want. I use (sync existing contacts only), now...
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    Facebook sync. Possible?

    You can also try an application called syncmypix l, its a nifty little application that scans ur contacts and shows u a list of possible matches and when u sync with this one u also get the profile pictures as contact pix. Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    Language pack update for equalizer

    Please see this thread.
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    Frozen at 'Google' screen after new ROM + English Language Pack Install

    Thanks Phone to reply so fast, will mark it as fixed. :) thanks.
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    help needed about contacts

    Hi da_Omen. Welcome to the Miui Android community. There was a issue earlier with contacts bug but it has now been resolved. can you please try and download the new rom and language pack (if you want) for your device and flash that. dont forget to whipe dalvik-cache and cache itself.
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    Can Someone show me how to do the a2sd business on miui.

    You can try with a2sd reinstall in a terminal app. this will enable the sd-ext.
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    1.5.13 MMS Force Close

    Please state your device and which language pack you downloaded. Also always whipe dalvik-cache and cache when flashing the rom update and language pack update.
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    Frozen at 'Google' screen after new ROM + English Language Pack Install

    Which device and which rom/pack are you using. please try the 1.5.13 rom and language pack and always whipe cache + dalvik-cache.
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    Translation not working - 1.5.13 Nexus S

    Hi There was a small issue with the Nexus S pack but has now been fixed. please try and re-download it.
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    what happens to the evo
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    HTC Driod Incredible.. GONE?!
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    What happened to the MIUI ROM for HTC Evo 4G?

    As for the question regarding a few devices. please see this blog post.