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  1. sciacca75

    In Progress MIUI 2.5.11 Sensation - backup FC

    Fresh install of 2.5.11 and FC after launch a Miui backup. Restore works.
  2. sciacca75

    How sort contact by first and last name?

    HI all. In MIUI contact i can't see difference between First and Last Name..... Any possibility to change sorting?
  3. sciacca75

    Voice Dialer with earphone

    Is possible voice dialing by pressing answer button on earphone control? Try long press but start allways music player.... I'm using last miui on N1
  4. sciacca75

    HOW : feedback to the team :

    I'd like send feedback to MIUI team...but how? Forum are in chinese. I can see only guestbook. Is it right place?
  5. sciacca75

    Picasa upload from gallery3d also miui gallery

    In popup menu there isn't picasa. There is facebook,gmail,googles...evrything but picasa. I solve with this MediaUploader.apk: adb remount adb push MediaUploader.apk /system/app/ adb shell chmod 644 /system/app/*.apk adb reboot But is it possible to solve in next roms?
  6. sciacca75

    MIUI backup

    Something is changed... Why backup contact? It is dangerous with gmail for duplicate contact. It is usefull only call history ,sms and layout..... What do you think?