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    Miui Camera Shooting at low resolution

    1.4.8 HTC HD2 Using the Miui camera, the pictures come out to only be 1024 x 768 when it is sent to the "large" setting. If I place it at "medium" it'll come out as said at 1600 x 1200. Is this a known bug in gingerbread and/or is there a possible fix for this?
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    Notification Bar Suggestion

    On the newer miui builds, the notification bar is divided into two pull down zones: the left opens notifications and the right opens controls. Though I like the division or tabs of the notification menu, using a larger screen phone such as the evo or hd2, I have found it difficult (requires more...
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    Sms popups with proper 'auto'

    While I love the sms popup window whenever I type a message with the gingerbread or htc keyboard it does not auto capitalize or even auto correct in some cases. Is there any solution to this or is this a known bug?
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    Vibrate on messages

    I did a search and couldnt find anything, but is it possible to set up vibrate to vibrate on notifications like sms when the ringer is on and not in vibrate mode?
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    Sync contacts with Facebook?

    Is it possible to sync your contacts with facebook like with htc sense?