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    Notifications settings not saved under Textra with MIUI 10 stable

    Hi, I'm using MIUI 10 stable in my Xiaomi Mi5 and something weird is happening with Textra app since the last couple of updates. Notifications have stopped working properly. I have changed both the settings in Textra and MIUI in order to get sound, vibration, light and on screen notifications...
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    Mi Roaming

    Hi, I just installed the last stable version for my Mi5 (( and I just found out that the app "Mi Roaming" it is not included (and it is in the Chinese Rom). I tried to install it manually but I haven't been able to (it either crashes or won't show...
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    Xposed For Miui 7.2.2?

    Hi! Does anyone know if there is already a Xposed version that works with the last stable version Or which is the last MIUI version where xposed works fine? Thanks!