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    OTA update for mi8 failed due to md5sum mismatch, downloading now manually from androidfilehost. OTA rom is coming from - right?
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    Mi8: random freezes and launcher restarts. Very strange, last firmware worked flawless. The only difference is: before I downloaded it manually, this time via auto update, but there is no huge difference as both methods are twrp based.
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    Mi8 and Garmin Smart Notifications

    No, as I am using my Fenix for less than one week.
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    Mi8 and Garmin Smart Notifications

    Works fine for me, I am on 8.10.25
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    Update from 8.9.20 on Mi 8 worked flawlessly, triggered it from launcher, no cache cleaned at all (not sure if this was done automatically during upgrade). Thank you for great work!
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    I've currently following issues with Mi8: - Cyrillic SMS do no arrive at destination - can be fixed by turning on "GSM-Alphabet verwenden" ("Use GSM Alphabet") and then immediately off - I cannot re-arrange / change the order of screens, at least I found not possibility / option to do that in...
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    Mi8 issue: empty SMS arrive at recipient's phone. Anyone else? Update: if I use Latin letters it works fine, Cyrillic letters are the problem. If I mix them, Cyrillic letters are removed
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    Thanks, issue solved
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    Did a clean install on Mi 8 and recovered all apps from mi cloud. Currently still setting up all applications (cleared also internal storage) and testing. Twitter crashes during startup, log: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[DexPathList[[zip file...
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    Update on Mi8 worked fine, but I had to press around 5-6 times on "check for new version" button before download started. before i got every time "you have already newest version". Issue with German is no more - thanks Bluetooth issue (will not recover after flight mode) still present, but I...
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    MI8 Explorer ROM version available ?

    I do not have Explorer Edition just a normal one, so I cannot really tell you if any special TWRP version is required. I suggest to check MI forums for any availabel information
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    MI8 Explorer ROM version available ?