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    do i need any kernel to have better battery or performance ?! ( Redmi note 7 )
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    I need Chinese Xiaomi file manager

    no it waa not this xiaomi file manager it was different
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    I need Chinese Xiaomi file manager

    hi there i flashed MIUI 11 ROM for my MI A3 , but i understood that the xiaomi file manager in that rom is different from global (the one in play store !) how can I get that file manager ?! because there was no apk file in .tgz rom file and could not to export the apk file with app backup...
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    @Opalfina thanks for your works according to release of android 10 for mi a3 , can you port miui with android 10 for that ?! another question : is there any stable version for this rom or all of them are weekly ?