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    NEW MIUI Camera (Found on

    great idea.
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    HTC Sense vs. MIUI Battery Comparison on HTC EVO 4G

    I know what you mean by science quality. I've actually been doing similar tests where ill watch the same movie over wifi on my evo for different kernels and compare battery comsumption. Just to give an idea. It would be nice if we gave a standard for battery testing rather than people simply...
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    notification pane It seems like they changed the notification pane for the better. It now has three seperate panels that will open depending on where you drag down from the top. Only super super tiny issue is that the apps panel wont automatically open if you drag down from the right, like...
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    Couple questions with MIUI on EVO.

    1: apps2sd should be working just like it would in sense. If it isn't, then maybe you need to use a different kernel that would allow it 2. If you want to set up your gmail, as in with the gmail app, then you should select Google on the add accounts panel -just like you would on sense...
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    Wi-Fi not working EVO

    I can't believe that you're using a GB kernel and its working with miui. Miui is android 2.2. If it really is GB and not just named it, try selecting from the kernels in the evo kernel thread and see if it helps. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
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    MIUI Calendar?

    Lol. I guess i'm the only one who likes the calender, esp compared to the ones some nasty sense themes have given me. I just wish that all-day events didn't take up the whole pane. Definetly a step back esp when I wanna see other things. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
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    Some Wishes for One of the next Versions

    - scrollable full page news/rss + little bit of weather widget that is intergrated with the genie widget app and Google reader app (or miui's own weather, news, RSS apps -better control of andriod's multitasking for better battery life? -4g, maybe? THAT WIDGET IS ALL I NEED FOR THE REST OF MY...