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    Installation Android 7 Mi4c

    Thank you Dadostefa I'll take care of it on Saturday
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    Installation Android 7 Mi4c

    @ Dadostefa : Yes my MI4C is blocked Sorry but my battery only holds for half a day. If I want to load it via the USB cable on my computer, the battery will discharge. In phone or SMS usage, the processor overheats. All these problems did not happen with the old Android. @ Mi4CMX : with MI FLASH
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    Installation Android 7 Mi4c

    The installation by the old version TWRP libra is practically well done. I noticed two errors when decompressing the image multi_MI4c_7.2.9_v8-7.0 At reboot, everything was fine. First problem: lap er the old TWRP libra. Unable to reinstall. Unable to install TWRP libra 7. The...
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    MIUI 8.2 7.2.9

    MI4C Hello everyone Here are my worries: 1 when I send SMS, the MI4C heats up enormously. 2 When I connect MI4C to my PC, via the cable, it is detected but I can no longer access the data of the smartphone to change the music or to recover my backup. 3 During the installation of Android 7...
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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.24

    help I just updated for my MI4C At reboot, after entering the pin code, the launcher no longer works. no access to restore an older version. How to install an older version. Thanks Well, I was able to close the bug message because I received an SMS. This allowed me, after several attempts, to...