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  1. maksz

    [Guide][Note 9 Pro][] Enable automatic call recording

    Seems like Xiaomi removed automatic call recording feature. However, it's still here! It's just hidden. Option 1: Install activity launcher from Google Play and look for "". Option 2: Install the app form the attachment. No root or anything needed...
  2. maksz

    [Redmi 8][ STABLE] "Waiting for WiFi" in Google Play

    Hi guys! I remember that there was "waiting for WiFi" bug on weekly a few months ago. I've just flashed latest stable on my Redmi 8 and that bug occurred. I cleaned data of 2 Downloads apks and Google Play, no luck. Has anyone found a workaround?
  3. maksz

    Invalid Settings Leftover

    When I touch "Front camera effects", an empty activity is launched. Mi Max 3 Beta 9.6.20
  4. maksz

    Xiaomi Statistics

    @Igor Eisberg Is it possible to cut these statistics off?
  5. maksz

    Invalid Status Bar Settings Icon Not Working

    When I expand the Wifi or Bluetooth, the settings icon is not working. Mi Max 3 MIUI 9.6.5
  6. maksz

    New SIM Card Connection Setting Restores

    When I change data connection SIM card in dual SIM, connection type (both cards) restores (goes to 2G/3G/LTE, even though I had set 3G Only before). Not really important but annoying. 9.4.25 Mi Max 3
  7. maksz

    Invalid Missing SMS Sound Setting

    The setting for SMS received sound is missing in sound settings. There are only ringtone, calendar and notification settings. Mi Max 3 MIUI 9.3.14
  8. maksz

    New Double Plug-In/Charging Sound

    When I connect the phone to the charger, the plug-in sound is played 2 times. Mi Max 3
  9. maksz

    Disable Wake Up On Fingerprint Sensor Touched

    Is it possible to disable wake up by touching fp sensor (no fp added) like it was in miui 9?
  10. maksz

    Invalid Copy/Paste dialog wrong language

    I don't know if this is a bug or not. The copy/paste dialog appears in a language of an app instead of the system.
  11. maksz

    Bootlogo without 'unlocked'

    Is it possible to change bootlogo to one from a locked bootloader? I don't like that everyone know I have unlocked bootloader.
  12. maksz

    Invalid About phone settings small bug

    Hi, the grid with a specification in about phone settings randomly disappears on my Mi Max 3.