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  1. evilc

    MIUI Stock SMS/ MMS app

    104 viewed no reply's!! Seems to be the 'norm' for any post that refers to help required or the operating of MIUI. On the next update I end up having no ringtone for incoming or sms calls?? Not to worry I have ditched MIUI as even though it seems good for a while, it can't do the basic's of a...
  2. evilc

    MIUI Stock SMS/ MMS app

    I received a MMS which looked like a spiral notepad page, after about 5 seconds it changed to the picture that was sent? I checked with a normal Android system on the phone and the picture showed up normal, it also shows normal on other mobiles with different OS systems. Can anyone tell me what...
  3. evilc


    I have had similar problem but for me nothing is working, care to share how you fixed it?
  4. evilc


    Out of curiosity is there anyone including moderators trying to answer any questions on this site? There seems to be many viewing the posts but no suggestions.With the lack of responses here I try other sites to get some help or suggestions and within a short time.
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    As I am about to change my sdcard to a 32GB, I am thinking of trying MIUI's a2sd instead of android_secure folder. I had used similar years ago but as they have all improved,I have a question regarding the partition format? All that I have read in forums indicate ext3 partition, can I use ext4...
  6. evilc

    Messenger chinese writing? [Solved]

    Can someone tell me what this means in english. I get time and date normal then this (see attached) instead of my name then said, is there a way of correcting it? tia edit For some reason unable to upload gif? use this link.
  7. evilc

    Miui UK?

    where can I get MIUI in UK language not US English? When you search internet for it, the results lead to this site but the conversion is not the correct English. In the built.prop the locale.region reference is to US, is there any way of correcting the dictionary to pick up when writing the...
  8. evilc

    Minus offer 10gb space

    Found this and thought I would share with anyone interested. Minus offers 10gigs of free space, unlike dropbox etc. Link
  9. evilc

    ota updates

    Bump any answers?
  10. evilc

    ota updates

    Just checked the built.prop shows language as en and region as US, tried a couple note/writing apps all fail to correct spelling i.e. color - colour etc. Is there a way of correcting this as I thought Miuiandroid was the UK version?
  11. evilc

    ota updates

    Is that English UK or American? as I prefer UK spelling.
  12. evilc

    CallRecorder with 1.8.12 [SOLVED]

    I have just noticed my CallRecorder is not working with this version, MIUI 1.8.12 & LorDmodUE 6.9 -CFS-2WRC. It has been working up to these updates anyone else having any problems or know how to fix it. tia Edit: Duh found on rechecking all settings 3rd party was unticked?? Don't know...
  13. evilc

    Updated now lot of FC

    Just updated to 1.8.5 after restoring apps from MIUI Backup I am now getting a lot of FC too numerous to list, this happened last week as well. Before I install I always start with clean factory default, I am wondering if MIUI Backup is faulty as before I used Titanium Backups and never any...
  14. evilc

    Forced Close

    Many applications when trying to start them, have been locking with "application xxxx has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again" and then asks for me to force close. This has only started since installing 1.7.29 version any suggestions why it's happening. tia
  15. evilc

    App/icon help

    Could someone tell me what this icon is/ does? If I don't want it how do I find where it is to remove it. tia
  16. evilc

    Requested Feature call-recording

    True but I found lordmodue kernel works well with miui
  17. evilc

    Backup & restore contacts.

    Had a good search around the net and found the answer in using Unhyphenizer Pro. It cost AU$1.33 but the free version is not as good, so if anyone else got same problems have a look at it it's in the market.
  18. evilc

    Backup & restore contacts.

    When I backup or restore my contacts the numbers are always in groups of 3? It's a pain in the butt to have to modify each one to remove the dashes. How can I save them without the dashes added, I have tried using Morelocal2 that don't work for me. tia.
  19. evilc

    Requested Feature call-recording

    There is a program called CallRecorder that records both incoming and outgoing, you must change your kernel to one that has 2WCR in it. The one I use is lordmodUE v6.1-CFS-2WCR works perfect.
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    Sent one to you today