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    [Guide][Note 9 Pro][] Enable automatic call recording

    Are you using
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    [Guide][Note 9 Pro][] Enable automatic call recording

    You could use that one. But please note that this workaround worked only on custom rom (and probably miui china) and is not needed any more. For call recording you need the dialer app by xiaomi, not the one by google which comes with miui global.
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    Automatic call recording

    Best way is to install You can find the instructions on this forum.
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    Automatic call recording

    Of course it doesn't work for Global. It was a temporary workaround for Miui Global doesn't have a feature of call recording.
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    Call recording for ROM for note 9 pro global

    Does automatic call recording work on Miui 12?
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro EU
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    MIUI 12.2 20.10.22

    Try disabling "Ok, Google". That helped me.
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    Automatic call recording
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    [Guide][Note 9 Pro][] Enable automatic call recording

    Seems like Xiaomi removed automatic call recording feature. However, it's still here! It's just hidden. Option 1: Install activity launcher from Google Play and look for "". Option 2: Install the app form the attachment. No root or anything needed...
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    New Mi max 3 notification center

    Actually it's working fine in landscape.
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    New Mi max 3 notification center

    It's still here.
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    New Mi max 3 notification center

    Yup, me too, since the first MIUI12 release. Have to press even 3 or 4 times.
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    Mi8 Dev code need pin????

    Because you are not supposed to enter dev mode in updater. It's not what you are looking for. Settings > My device > All specs > 5 taps on MIUI version.
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    Update weekly

    Download ROM file manually from the site -> flash it in TWRP (no wipe) -> enjoy If you want, do a backup before, but all data should be kept.
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    Dev code in updater

    Is it that hard to guess what "dev code" can be?..
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    [Redmi 8][ STABLE] "Waiting for WiFi" in Google Play

    Yes, this is a clean installation. I've just moved from global.
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    [Redmi 8][ STABLE] "Waiting for WiFi" in Google Play

    Hi guys! I remember that there was "waiting for WiFi" bug on weekly a few months ago. I've just flashed latest stable on my Redmi 8 and that bug occurred. I cleaned data of 2 Downloads apks and Google Play, no luck. Has anyone found a workaround?
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    I've just moved from global on my Redmi 8 and I have "waiting for network" bug in google play. Occurs only on wifi and unlimited selected in downloads. I cleaned data for both downloads apks and google play, no luck. I remember that there actually was such bug on my second device which runs...
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    Resolved Mi Downloads application has been slowing

    Try that