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    EVO: 1.3.5 - I seem to have 1 issue on themes. (all resolved)

    Hi, Just flashed 1.3.5 and found the following 3 issues on my EVO after wiping. Previous version was 1.2.11. Can anyone else also confirm you are getting this? 1. can't use file explorer or the theme manager to get another theme (svg) to work. FOUND solution...
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    Secure Lockscreen Delay feature?

    Is there a way that in MIUI, you can enable the password enabled lockscreen, but also delay when it come into effect? I believe this feature in the iPhone, and very necessary to usability. I need to have the passcode set, but I don't want to enter it every time, even if I turned off the phone...
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    CPU icon in settings?

    Hi quick question. On the pull down settings, what is the CPU icon for? I see it off by default but what does it do? Thanks in advance. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App