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  1. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.10.29/30

    Hi... Heard about a Muse Theme Tool... Urban legend or postponed update ? Anybody have some infos ? Many thanks!
  2. Roger Muller

    New Theme Display

    Thanks for quick answering... Already thought so, but the theme attached is quite new. I'll wait... and hope it will update cause I really like this one!
  3. Roger Muller

    New Theme Display

    Hello, I'm on MIUI 5.8.17/18 (Redmi 1S) I've just tried to apply a theme and, let see what I get with Contacts (same with SMS): What I should see: What I see: Pretty ugly isn't it ? Any idea ? Many Thanks PS: Tried other themes... same problem
  4. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.27

    I find this very classy... Why do we need double time ?
  5. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.20

    Seems that it has not been removed as customize button appears a few secs on my phone from time to time... I've read somewhere it is a Xiaomi server issue and not phone one...
  6. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.20

    Hi... Performing Backup still reverts wallpaper to default and delete 3rd Party widgets.
  7. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.20

    Works perfect on my 1S... Many thanks to all !!!
  8. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.13 - Miui 7

    I may be wrong (as I'm not registered in their community), but they clame to be official fansite and translate the stuff since 2011... Being on rom (the best so far) don't prevent me from reading infos from other sources, and sure I'm sorry if I've shared wrong ones here.
  9. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.13 - Miui 7

    As ingbrzy writes "bugs caused by Xiaomi not following android standards" This let me think that the problems don't come from And I suppose they're not alone because MIUI France (as far as I can see) has no v7 release at this date...
  10. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.8.13 - Miui 7

    One postponed update and all I see is complains and complains and complains... For me, important questions are: Am I happy with my 110€ Redmi 1S running on French language ? YES Is my rom free from bugs? YES (if except few minor ones from time to time) Can I find regular updates ...
  11. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.7.23/24/26

    Hi there... I update to 5.7.26 on my 1S and get bootloop some days after installing theme from theme app... Wiped data, installed again, restored apps and data via backup app, Default theme applied. After that, impossible to set correct hour (change +1 or +2 every time I reboot) and...
  12. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.5.29

    Redm1 1S, default lockscreen, blank page when I swipe to dialer too !
  13. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.5.29

    MIUI Music on lockscreen with 3rd app ? Great feature... but don't work on my 1S with Poweramp. Any idea ? Thnks !
  14. Roger Muller

    MULTI 5.5.15

    Thanks for your works... The only bug I have so far (since 1st V6 rom) is sim card sometimes not detected and I had to reboot until it is.
  15. Roger Muller

    MULTI 4.10.10

    Help!!! Messaging App Force Close since 1S WCDMA - Stable 45.0.0 Multilang update... Revert to 43.0.0 but problems still there... Tried to clear data, unsuccessful too. Hope someone got the solution... EDIT: unfrozen Yellow Pages from Titanium Backup... Works again ! Quite strange as I've read...
  16. Roger Muller

    Should I buy redmi 1s?

    Agreed... Redmi 1S is a very good phone in this range of price. And 1GB ram is, in fact, enough for me. Stop blaming Redmi and go for a higher specs/higher price phone if needed...
  17. Roger Muller

    Xposed Framework boot loop

    Hello... I get boot loop while installing Xposed Framework (as for WSM tools). I'm on Stable 43.0.0 Multilang... Is there particular steps to install one of these apps ?
  18. Roger Muller

    WSM Tools boot loop

    Hi, I've installed WSM Tools and got boot loop. Miflash helped me to get my phone back... I wonder if there is a way to install WSM Tools or if it cannot work on Redmi 1s WCDMA... Thanks for help.
  19. Roger Muller


    Dans le Centre de sécurité, résultat du scan: Certains éléments peuvent être optimisés et non Certains éléments peuvent êtres optimisés Et: Analyse non requise, tout à l'air dans l'ordre! qui doit être remplacé par Analyse non requise, tout à l'air en ordre! voire par un plus optimiste Analyse...
  20. Roger Muller

    MULTI 4.8.15

    Hi... Is this post meaning that there will be a MIUI V6 multilanguage ROM soon ..? If so, you're really rockin' ! EDIT: read that frenchmen like me had to wait a few months for that... Thanks for your work