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  1. Patit

    New Xiaomi policy about flashing Mi phones manufactured in China! Will this announcement affect ROM compatibility with China phones?
  2. Patit

    Mi 8 powers off instead of rebooting

    I just installed latest (8.7.12v2) on Mi8 but when I try to reboot from the menu the phone just powers off. Anyone else experiencing that?
  3. Patit

    Issue With Twrp

    I flashed twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img via fastboot fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img Then rebooted recovery to be sure it was installed properly, removed read-only system to allow modification, yet every time I press power + UP I always have Chinese recovery. Do I miss some step?
  4. Patit

    Mi 5 Nougat Mail Push Issue

    Since updating to 6.1.29 I got problems with mail update when frequency is set to push mode. Mail keeps syncing and drains battery. Had to set frequency to 10 minutes to stop continuous sync
  5. Patit

    6.8.12 Screenshot Menu

    It seems I am missing the screenshot menu... How do I activate the three fingers screenshot new feature? Inviato dal mio MI 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Patit

    Gallery Video Playing Landscape Mode

    Hello everyone, I'm on 6.7.21 ROM and whenever I record a video in landscape mode, when I want to play it from the gallery, when I rotate the phone, the video keeps rotating (even with auto rotate off), so that I cannot see it in landscape after all. Anyone else with this problem...
  7. Patit

    New Wrong Battery Percentage Detected By Updater

    Hi, trying to update to 6.7.21 on MI5 but updater gets a wrong battery % Might be a bug.