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  1. ch2856

    Installing Twrp

    Thanks a lot Jaime, all clear now.
  2. ch2856

    Installing Twrp

    Hi, To install twrp do I need to install first Android ADB or miflash tool or just to download mi5 twrp recovery - extract - turn device on fastboot mod - connect to PC - shift+right click for CMD - and trype the comand? Thanks.
  3. ch2856

    MIUI 8.2 6.9.15/19

    Hi,. I am keep getting "Updater process ended with signal: 11 " while installing the ROM on Mipad 1 with twrp.
  4. ch2856

    MULTI 6.6.23

    Any info if there will be an MIUI8 version for Mi PAD?
  5. ch2856

    MULTI 6.3.31

    Installation fail for wt88047 Updater process ended with ERROR: 7 Error installing zip file...
  6. ch2856

    MULTI 5.8.20

    Although I like this ROM on my mobile, on the Mi Pad it's not that good. Battery drain like crazy (10 min browsing = 5% drop) and gallery is slow and transition are not smooth at all (hurts the eyes).
  7. ch2856

    MULTI 5.8.20

    After of few days using 5.8.20 on Redmi 2 1G, I can say it's a huge improvement over MIUI6. On a mi4 it's not so dramatic but on the Redmi 2 it's just made it much more nicer device to use - faster, smoother and with much better battery life. Thanks for all the DEV team on
  8. ch2856

    MULTI 5.8.13 - Miui 7

    ingbrzy, Thanks a lot for all the hard work you and the other guys on team are doing for us.
  9. ch2856

    New Black Icons In Folders

    Nope, still happening using the default theme.
  10. ch2856

    New Black Icons In Folders

    So far, it seems to be the solution. Thanks.
  11. ch2856

    New Black Icons In Folders

    Good idea, will try that. Thanks.
  12. ch2856

    New Black Icons In Folders

    Since last Dev Rom, I have some icons which are not being display- just black spot. I thought it will be fix updating to the latest Dev Rom but nope. Any thoughts before full wipe? Redmi 2 1g.
  13. ch2856

    MULTI 5.5.29

    I like the music control on the Lockscreen (I was just thinking about it yesterday since I started to workout again), but they should add a direct link to the music app (or better display the full songs list) since now, it's just a pretty face for something that was already there (using...
  14. ch2856

    MULTI 5.5.29

    Thanks for the update guys. I don't know if it's just me, but celogeek is extremely slow (3 hours) to download no htcfanboys this weekend?
  15. ch2856

    MULTI 5.5.1

    Same here, lots of FC announcements (google, bug...).
  16. ch2856

    MULTI 5.4.3

    Uninstall it, extract the zip file of the latest ROM you installed and on MIUI/APPS/NON.. there is an browser.apk . Upload it to your device and install it.
  17. ch2856

    MULTI 5.3.27

    Rotation is working by default, there is only deactivation which you can find on the notification shade. On MIUI it works only on apps (not on Xiaomi apps).
  18. ch2856

    MULTI 5.3.27

    Must say, best update so far.
  19. ch2856

    MULTI 5.3.20

    Please don't. I also have the FC issue with miui browser with the last update, but actually, miui browser is better than chrome - faster and easier to use with the bottom nav bar. The one thing I don't understand is why on the Dev ROM it dose not collapse the upper/lower nav bars when u swipe...
  20. ch2856

    MULTI 5.3.13

    Well very RAM eater Rom on my side (Redmi 2).