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  1. Roger Muller

    New Theme Display

    Hello, I'm on MIUI 5.8.17/18 (Redmi 1S) I've just tried to apply a theme and, let see what I get with Contacts (same with SMS): What I should see: What I see: Pretty ugly isn't it ? Any idea ? Many Thanks PS: Tried other themes... same problem
  2. Roger Muller

    Xposed Framework boot loop

    Hello... I get boot loop while installing Xposed Framework (as for WSM tools). I'm on Stable 43.0.0 Multilang... Is there particular steps to install one of these apps ?
  3. Roger Muller

    WSM Tools boot loop

    Hi, I've installed WSM Tools and got boot loop. Miflash helped me to get my phone back... I wonder if there is a way to install WSM Tools or if it cannot work on Redmi 1s WCDMA... Thanks for help.
  4. Roger Muller


    Dans le Centre de sécurité, résultat du scan: Certains éléments peuvent être optimisés et non Certains éléments peuvent êtres optimisés Et: Analyse non requise, tout à l'air dans l'ordre! qui doit être remplacé par Analyse non requise, tout à l'air en ordre! voire par un plus optimiste Analyse...
  5. Roger Muller

    Two-In-One Camera

    Hello, Has anyone tested the Xiaomi Two-In-One Camera ? Waiting for some reviews... Thanks
  6. Roger Muller

    Headset & Eq Settings

    Hi every body... when plugin my headset, a notification launched a page with various models of headset (inc. my pistons) and some eq settings... I can't find this page anymore (no more notification of that kind)... Can someone help ? Thanks. ROM is Xiaomi Redmi 1S WCDMA - Stable 31.0.0...
  7. Roger Muller

    Help - volume buttons don't work

    Hello... I've a real bad problem with my Red Rice: Power button and vol- don't work anymore except when booting the phone or in recovery mode, letting me think it's a rom bug. But when I want to flash th phone I got the Signature Verification failed msg... Can someone help me ? thanks a lot
  8. Roger Muller

    files disappear from SD Card 64gb

    Hello, there... Well, not very familiar with forums, hope it's the good place to post. I've a 64gb sd card (fat32) well recognize by my new hongmi, but when I copy files and reboot the phone, most of them have been deleted (LOST.DIR is empty). Can someone please help. Many Thanks...