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    step counter - pedometer

    Hi! Am I the only one still using Mi5? I'm now on Miui 11 and it's still almost perfect... roughly when I switched to miui10 I noticed that the step counter didn't work anymore, and still not working after having installed miui11. Anything ca be done to restore it? I don't want to restore to...
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    call recorder redmi note 8 pro

    Hi, I was about to buy note 8 pro in Italy, but I've just read someone complaining that call recording feature has been disabled due to "privacy reasons". I was wondering if, with custom roms found here, call recording is available Thanks!
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    GPS stops working when charging

    Hello, I've 9.5.10 stable on my mi5 3/32. Saw there is a 9.5.20 here ready to be downloaded, but my updater on the phone doesn't find it, maybe it's because either 9.5.10 and 9.5.20 are marked as NAACNFA? Anyway I believe this stable is great, and I don't feek the need to switch to Oreo... I...
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    Disable Sms At Sim Change

    Hi! I've got a Mi5 with latest stable I would like (for a short period of time) to avoid that an SMS is sent when I change SIM: I have some credit to use on 3-4 SIMs I own and the plans does not include text messages, so it would be a waste of money. Here are my questions: 1) How can...
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    Alarm Clock Translation

    Hi, I'm using latest stable with Italian language, I think there is probably an error in translation. When the morning alarm clock starts, and I disable it, I can see weather condition, and at the bottom of the screen three things: wake up time, a percentage in the middle, and day count. What...
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    Disable Sms At Sim Change

    Hi, I currently use 2 sims in my Mi5, a few months ago I changed provider and, when I inserted the new sim, an SMS was sent from it. I understand it's a safety system and I guess it checks for the ICCID of the sim before sending the SMS. I'm going to change operator again in a few weeks (and the...
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    Problem Copying Files Using Cable

    Hello! When I try copying files using MTP communication, after few files copied I receive an error message that states something like "a device connected to the system is not working" (translated from Italian). What can I do to solve this problem? I've tried to update firmware many times, and on...
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    Information On Localization Tecnique In Mi4

    Hi everyone, I know, it is a strange question... A friend of mine had a Mi4 a couple of years ago for about two months, and when I called him from my cell the phone displayed the exact town where I was in that moment! We both were in Italy, I was travelling and he knew exactly where I was! I...
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    Help! Skype Not Working

    Hi Everyone! Mi5, I'm using the montly firmware two months old... Today for the first time I tried to use Skype on Mi5, I called Echo service and I heard voice from the other side for about a quarter of a second... then nothing! I also tried to reinstall the app, can't hear anything! Anything...
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    How To Install Whatsapp For Two Sims?

    Hello, anyone has tried to use whatsapp for both SIMs inserted? If so, any hint how to do it? I'm using monthly stable 8.2.1 with MM Thank you! ****EDIT**** Problem solved: I've used GBWhatsApp, in case someone else needs it!
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    Mi5 - Sms Received Notification

    Hi everyone! I seldom send SMS, so I didn't notice until now that I receive a notification when it is delivered, and my provider charges me A LOT for this service even though I have hundreds of SMSs in my data plan. How can I turn this service off? Thanks ;)
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    Unable To Transfer Files With Cable

    Hi! I have firmware, but it happened also with . Before upgrading I connected cable and copied some folders to PC. I noticed that file transfer locked after a few seconds (returning an error of device stopped working or something like that) if I tried to transfer big files (e.g...
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    Mi5 Cannot Lock Sim2 On 2g

    Hi! stable, SIM1 is the one used for data. In SIM settings - SIM 1 menu I can choose the preferred network type (4G/3G/2G), but this option is not present in SIM 2 menu! If I manually choose a 2G operator (in my case Vodafone) for SIM2, in a minute or two it goes back to Vodafone 3G...
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    Stable - Cannot Select 2g Network For Sim 2

    Hi! Brand new Mi5, unlocked bootloader, stable, SIM1 is the one used for data. Sorry in advance for menu items, I'm translating from Italian. In SIM settings - SIM 1 menu I can choose the preferred network type (4G/3G/2G), but this option is not present in SIM 2 menu! If I manually...
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    Mi5 And Car Bt

    Hi! Brand new Mi5, unlocked bootloader, followd instructions to upgrade to latest 6.x and then latest monthly stable Restored contacts and data from old phone, everything works fine but... cannot pair with my car hands-free device! When I select Pair on my car (2013 Nissan Micra K13) it...